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Free Swing Trading Signals Telegram Group Premium

Live Premium Forex Group in Free

Faiqforex runs a live Swing trading Signals Telegram channel. You are welcome to be part of our vvip free group. There is no cost to either of them.

Faiqfx Telegram: Live day trading all day very active channel with time sensitive live Chats.

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Faiqfx Channel

Faiqfx Channel posts (time-sensitive) trades. That doesn’t means that when I post my trades, you can expect the market to move in my favour (or against me) immediately. Market will take some time to move against or favour me this is the basic part of forex

The important thing about the “Faiqfx” Channel is that there isn’t more than 5-10 signals a week, and some time that the trades are held for longer periods of time.

Become a Member

First of all you should make sure you need to download the app “telegram”. It is a simple chat app and its totally free you dont need to pay any single panny for downloading this is actually a better chat app it has 400 million plus users, so dont worry you are in a good company


When you download this App, you just need to follow the steps below Click here for direct land on my official Channel


Risk Disclaimer

It is very important you read this short message. I call them the 10 commandments of the TraderTom Live Trading Channels. 

When you sign up to the TraderTom Live Day Trading Channel and/or the TraderTom Live Swing Trading Channel, you accept the following terms and conditions:

Now i tell you some important Things about risk factors. Faiqforex is not responsible of your account faiqfx is an online signal providing company 

We just analyze currency gold stock binary and Crypto Piars and we give you a analyzed signals 

we are not forcing you to follow our trades but you just check our previous record and talk with our old members and get information about our past performances

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