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Pakistani Village Girl Earn $1 Million by forex trading with follow free forex signals

This story is 100% Real and legit this story belongs to a young girl who earns almost $1 Million by just following free forex signals and doing forex trading with faiqforex

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Ayesha Azhar Full Story

My name is Ayesha Azhar I am a resident of Gujranwala this is a small city sooba e punjab Pakistan

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I am a student in my 2nd year and I have 3 siblings we are a small family who face daily financial crises in my home

My father is a shopkeeper who sells vegetables and fruits and we cant avail of basic utilities in our life

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I daily see my father who did a lot of hard work but still, we don’t move forward financially then I realize why I am not helping my father but when I think about it I can’t reach a reasonable work for me

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Once my friend tell me about forex trading she tell me she has a cousin who does forex trading and he earns a handsome monthly amount but he is a busy guy who doesn’t have time to discuss with you so, first of all, you should search what is forex trading by internet

Feeling Confused and Excited both

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When I hear this I am a little bit confused and a little bit excited and I overthink about forex once I search this query “what is forex trading” lots of things in front of me that confuse me more what can I do

Now I have reached some good free forex basic courses which have cleared my mind about what is a forex and how to start

Now the time is come to discuss with my friend’s cousin I continue to request my friend to meet me with your cousin finally he tells her to meet Ayesha but this is a small meetup because I don’t have enough time

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So finally I meet with my sister’s cousin he tell me he is a forex trader but he getting big losses and now he earns a handsome monthly profit and he learns forex in his free time that’s why his daily schedule is a little bit tough

I just ask him how where and what can i do please tell me because my financial situation is very down and I want to help my father

When he Hear about my financial crisis he agree to help me out and he just said ok I will help you to recover from your financial crisis

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How Mr FAIQ help this Guy

Then he tell me when he got lots of losses and his accounts were washed then he search about how to recover losses in forex when I see a video of “Faiq forex” youtube channel

I watched his full video and i decided to talk with this guy at the end of the video he get a WhatsApp contact button once I land faiq forex WhatsApp chat I talk to him and tell him my crisis situation

He is a very humble and kind person who said to me I will add you to my free forex signals group

Where I send daily 4 to 8 free forex signals if you want to recover your loss then follow the simple steps

Once i follow his steps he added me to his free forex signals group

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Then i explore the group which have almost 3 to 400 people I went to a personal chat and asked about this group

i got almost 50 to 60 positive reviews

Risk Taking is key to success

Then i decided to take a risk and this is a chance to get my losses recovery

Now he just gives me a referral link and I create an account on OctaFX forex broker and I deposited around $100

He said to me follow my signal by telegram chat app when I send you a signal you got a notification

Now the time is come to get my first signal and then one by one I follow almost 40 signals in almost two months

you can’t believe i not just recover my account even I earn 50% more revenue on my balance

Now I Still follow his signals and I grow my account on a monthly basis

Even I withdraw a handsome amount on every month so the conclusion is I recover from my loss

and I monthly earn a good amount of Profit and I learn with faiqforex how to trade in forex

So now Ayesha is more and more excited about forex trading and faiq forex

Now she tells him “Thank you” and goes to her house and she Research about Faiq forex

She got the website and now she got the WhatsApp number of faiqforex

She calls to the number of faiqforex and said

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“How Mr Faiq Help to Ayesha Azhar”

“Hello sir I am Ayesha I hear about you and your group i want to join your forex signals group

I want to help my family” then MR Faiq said ok Ayesha kindly follow these simple steps and i will add you in my group

Now things are moving forward and she finally add in a free forex signals group

she is really excited to earn her first profit and support his father

Things are moving forward and Ayesha earn her 1st, 2nd even 30th profit

She is really happy with the performance of faiqforex Free signal Group and she wants to learn forex

She said to “MR Faiq” i want to learn forex trading with you and i want to do signals with you

Mr. Faiq smiled and said “OK” Now she earns profits and learns how to earn profits

Now Ayesha earns almost $2500 with just $250 in 6 months and she wants to earn more money

and day by day she got $250 to $2500 and $2500 to $250000 and now her life is totally changed

She Bought her big house in a VIP Location in Gujranwala city She also bought a car and things move on a daily basis

she uses a $1 standard lot and earns 1000 to 5000 on daily basis She got her milestone of $1 Million and she is really thankful to MR FAIQ

earn money by learning how to earn money, is a beautiful journey for Ayesha Azhar

This is only our 1 member we have lots of success stories of our free forex signals group

if you want to earn money the same as Ayesha

you can earn with us just press the WhatsApp button and contact with MR FAIQ

You can change your life and get your dreams so this is our real story please comments your stories

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