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Trend Line Trading Strategy with spinning top candle

Faiqforex gives you the most favorite Trendline Trading Strategy with a spinning top candle

Trend Continuation and trend reversals are two major concepts of forex trading.

If you can identify these two systems then you can earn 3000 to 4000 green pips every month.

Because we have at least 15 to 20 pairs on our trading platforms and we have to grab this opportunity every month

trendline trading strategy

We can use this strategy on major pairs then that will be easy for us to analyze 6 pairs

This strategy is very simple and very easy don’t use any indicators or extra things

Make your chart simple don’t be complicated because simpler is easy to analyze and read candlestick pattern

Now we talk about the rules of Trend Line Trading Strategy we should follow basic steps to winning maximum trades

Trend Line Trading Strategy with spinning top candle

  • Open any pair
  • Time frame Daily
  • Identify the trend
  • Draw correct trendline
  • Wait for the correction ending
  • Wait to appear spinning top candle on the trendline
  • Once the candle appears then we should open the sell position
  • Set stop-loss last high
  • Set take profit double to stop loss

If you follow these simple steps correctly I bet you your account will grow in the minimum time

Create a Demo account and start your practice on just Trend Line Trading Strategy with spinning top candle

When you feel you master yourself in this strategy then you should start this strategy as your career

Just because trendlines will make and break forever this is not a short-term strategy

This is a long life forever strategy and you can gain 3000 to 4000 green pips every month

If you have a $100 account then you can use a 0.01 lot size you can earn a profit $300 to $400

This is not a joke I can’t see any other business that can give you 3000% monthly profit

Just grab this opportunity to master yourself first then boost your career and get your dreams in real


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